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A group of students from  Ramón B. Jimeno high school assisted to a Teacher´s Workshop called “Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn, this took place  on September the 3rd , the Workshop took place in The Marriott Hotel in Bogota and it was offered by MM Publications, Built and Grow and Key and Clue. Ji Young Ko y Ana Laura Martínez, were the professors who explained the updated strategies to improve English language in classroom. Also they showed the way in which people can learn English easily as a foreign language.

Ji Young Ko, a Korean Professor explained the different topics during the presentation, for example: the way in which the human being perceives the exterior and adapts to the change in the communication with other people.

Also, this teacher shared the different strategies, and new methods of learning a foreign language that is been developing in the world, not only for students but also for  any person who wants to learn a new language.

Most of this exhibition was based on cross curricular topics, she made an example and focused on The Summer and how the students can learn different aspects about the Summer from Math, Science, Arts, History, among others.  This allows to the people visualize learning from different strategies in other disciplines.

The teacher Carolina Alexandra Ávila Chaves, also took part of this exhibition, she explained to the parents how the teachers have been developing reading processes, reading comprehension processes and developing and applying thinking skills during each process. She also presented some works made by the students from Ramón B. Jimeno School during the 2014 and 2015, receiving good comments of her work by the staff of the publishing house.

The students learned new strategies in their learning acquisition process.

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